The most important features of Laravel framework


The most important features of Laravel framework

In this article, we will talk about some of the most important features of Laravel framework, a we know.

It provides an integrated framework, in which you will find everything you need, as well as capabilities that allow developers to find what they may need in the future.

Using the "Eloquent ORM" feature

Laravel framework is characterized by the use of "Eloquent ORM" feature, this feature is a mechanism that enables dealing with databases, where creation, deletion and addition operations can be performed, queries can be done through code that is written in an easy way.

It can be replaced by writing SQL queries manually, where the query is created automatically in the databases, this is done through settings, it is one of the most important characteristics of Laravel framework.

Dealing with databases

It is also possible to deal with databases and create queries through the Query builder.

It is also through Routing system that handling of links is done in a simple and wonderful way.

There is also a great template system (Blade templating engine), which is used in the "View" property, the file extensions remain like this: filename.blade.php.

 This feature is used for ease of interaction between View and Controller, it also helps increase security.

Installing Laravel

One of the great features that distinguishes Laravel is the presence of Composer feature, through which Laravel is installed on user's device, it also creates Views and Controllers files with just one command.

Laravel integration with email service

Laravel framework is characterized by integration with e-mail service, they have been combined together, this feature provides an easy and simple API that allows users to send messages via e-mail quickly.

How to install Laravel on your own device – Laravel Installation:

Laravel framework has a software feature called Composer, which allows downloading and installing Laravel framework easily.

 Therefore, any user should make sure that this feature (Composer) is installed on his computer before using Laravel framework.

Laravel installer is downloaded using Composer with this command:

composer global require laravel/installer

After you have finished using this command, a new package is installed on your computer for use in Laravel projects, with this command:

laravel new blog

 This command creates a new folder called (Blog) a new project is created in Laravel.

You can also install Laravel package and create a new project directly using (Composer) through this command:

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog


The user should use (Command Line) through cd command by typing the following command:

php artisan serve

 Then the project link will appear, it can be directly opened.