The importance and advantages of working on Laravel framework

Laravel 07 Jun 2022

The importance and advantages of working on Laravel framework

The importance and advantages of working on Laravel framework is that it is considered one of the most popular php frameworks, it has gained wide popularity among developers.

In this article, we highlight the most important features of Laravel framework.

 As we know, Laravel framework is built on the well-known MVC, that separates all its features such as CONTROLLER, MODEL and VIEW, providing developers with an easy framework that offers different features.

Advantages and features of using Laravel framework:

Laravel was built after a comparison with other framework environments, the framework of Laravel came to have all the advantages that other frameworks have, in addition it has features that are not found in others.

Among the advantages that distinguish it from its strength, ease of learning, ease of work on it.

This prompts developers to use it as their first choice, in the following lines, we will show its most important advantages.


Laravel is one of the most famous frameworks and considered one of the most widely used php frameworks, this feature allows developers to obtain several advantages, including the presence of many educational materials.

Thus, developers get the chance to get access to massive learning resources of Laravel framework, a feature that you may not find in other competing frameworks.


One of the importance and advantages of working on Laravel framework is that it adopts the MVC structure, although this structure refers to an advanced stage of programming, Laravel framework is characterized by its ease.

It allows beginners to be part of Laravel team without the need of much experience.


In the first stage while learning Laravel, a developer will find that files he deals with do not exceed four folders, each of these folders contains no more than ten files only.

This is a great advantage as this small number of files allows you to easily move between these files, and perform different functions.


Laravel framework is considered one of the strongest and smoothest frameworks, which contributes to the completion of work in a short time.

With its enormous strength of a framework, it makes it to be the first choice for many developers.

High Security

Laravel framework is considered one of the frameworks that adopts a high percentage of security that is not insignificant, for a PHP programmer, it is considered as the best and most secure.

If the site you're working on is less secure, Laravel framework does this job of protection instead of other protection systems.

Lots of extras

The importance of working on Laravel framework shows that many features can be added through freely available add-ons that can be downloaded from the Internet.

These additions allow obtaining several advantages, allow developers to expand projects to an unimaginable extent, as long as these add-ons are constantly updated.


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